Latest news

  • The Lublin Museum and its castle chapel frescos: an interview with Director Katarzyna Mieczkowska

    23 June 2017

  • Under a common sky. Ethnic groups of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania

    21 June 2017

  • Poland's Security Policy. The West, Russia, and the Changing International Order

    03 June 2017

  • Program of the PIASA Conference in Kraków (16-18 June 2017)

    31 May 2017

  • Exhibition about the Gusen camp open in Vienna

    30 May 2017

  • Interview with Director Jacek Friedrich of the Gdynia City Museum, part 2

    29 May 2017

  • Grand opening of the Museum of Warsaw

    29 May 2017

  • Zbigniew Brzeziński Has Died

    28 May 2017

  • The Lost World of Polish Jews. Photographs 1918-1939

    22 May 2017

  • Animals in Eastern Europe and Russia - Call for Papers (Canada)

    18 May 2017


  • Conference "Europe and the East: Self and Other in the History of the European Idea"

  • “Awarness – Responsibility – Future” – call for papers for the International Education Conference on Auschwitz and the Holocaust

  • March ’68. Fifty Years Later - International Academic Conference - Call for Paper

  • Interview with Director Jacek Friedrich of the Gdynia City Museum, part 1

  • Conference: Religious and ethnic diversity in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from a comparative perspective

  • Kosciuszko Foundation’s Tomaszkiewicz - Florio Scholarships to attend a summer study program

  • International Conference of Mining and Underground Museums Wieliczka-Bochnia 2018

  • Grodno: city, region, memory - talk in Kraków

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The largest database of historical knowledge

Digitalization of historical sources, photographs, manuscripts and printed materials makes the study of Polish history much easier.

Below we present constantly updated catalog of digital libraries, archives, bibliographies, and other databases

Bibliographical database of the content of Polish journals focusing on history and associated subjects in the social sciences and humanities.

Studies on history and allied sciences specialization (archeology, art history e.g.) at Polish higher educational institutions.

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  • Constitution Day. 226th anniversary of Polish Constitution

  • The Oral History Archives

  • Religion, Politics, and Values in Poland. Continuity and Change Since 1989

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  • Database of historical films

    Polish historical feature films.

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    Reviews and news of films on historical themes.

Scholarship Fund

Fundusz stypendialny finansowany przez MHP ma za zadanie wspierać badania naukowe nad historią Polski, a także przedsięwzięcia propagujące za granicą wiedzę o dziejach naszego kraju.