Leopold Tyrmand: an original writer and master of self-aggrandizement
The 100th anniversary of Leopold Tyrmand's birthday

Leopold Tyrmand was one of the most interesting figures of post-war Poland’s artistic milieu. Despite the oppression of the communist regime, he had his own way of opposing the system.   Tyrmand’s biographers aptly point out that he opposed communism not only ideologically, but also aesthetically. He wanted to maintain the continuity of Polish culture...

1935 in Poland
An interview with Professor Czesław Brzoza

“The Sanation political movement was never uniform, it was bound by the person of Józef Piłsudski – his authority, and his will. When he was absent, differences became more pronounced. Each of the groups was striving to play a dominant role in the country, and be seen as the one most obviously and faithfully continuing...

Wadowice - the hometown of John Paul II and a poor, idyllic town
the 100th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's birthday

A city of 10,000 inhabitants on the Skawa River, Wadowice seems a poor, idyllic place, far away from the hustle and bustle of the world. This is where Karol Wojtyła was born one hundred years ago. by Wojciech Stanisławski Cities and towns have their own destinies. For decades, Wadowice has played the role of the...

The end of the Second World War? A Polish perspective on 8 May 1945
the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War

The question of whether the Second World War ended in May 1945 may seem rhetorical or even absurd. However, if we look at the then-reality from a Polish perspective, the matter ceases to be so obvious. by Łukasz Kamiński Do you know what General Leopold Okulicki, the last commander of the Home Army, one of...

Jan Sehn. Poland’s forgotten Nazi hunter
An interview with Dr. Filip Gańczak, author of the book Jan Sehn. Tropiciel nazistów (Jan Sehn – Tracking the Nazis)

Jan Sehn (1909-1965) was a Polish lawyer and professor at the Jagiellonian University. Shortly after the war, he conducted research at the former Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and also participated in preparing accusations against several dozen German war criminals who had worked at the camp. Additionally, he published a number of scientific papers on the functioning...

Welcome: this is where international meetings take place
An interview with Director Robert Kostro of the Polish History Museum

The idea of creating the web portal polishhistory has been part of the Polish History Museum and was established to create a broader view of the museum. Why is a website like polishhistory so needed? Robert Kostro: I believe that we are participating today – and this is a global phenomenon – in many important...

He did not return on a white horse. General Władysław Anders
76th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino

He was compared to Moses taking his people out of captivity. He commanded the Polish armed forces during the most renowned attack they mounted and after the war he was supposed to return to Poland on a white horse. He was wounded on seven occasions. Deprived of Polish citizenship by communists, he became one of...

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The Second World War and its Consequences from the Perspective of 75 Years since its End. Panel 3

8 May 2020
The Second World War and its Consequences from the Perspective of 75 Years since its End. Panel 3



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