Big and Small Stories. How the Polish History Museum’s Collection Was Built

Big and Small Stories (photo: MHP)

Panorama of Polish history

At the exhibition we present a selection of several hundred objects out of the nearly 60,000 present in our collections. We hope that they form a panorama of Polish history, drawing its various contexts – political, civilisational and cultural – and referring not only to our knowledge, but equally to our memories and emotions. They include works of art and craftsmanship, monuments of key importance for the history of Poland and the Polish people, but also seemingly ordinary objects that often witnessed the dramatic  vicissitudes of their owners’ lives.
The Adoption of the Warsaw Confederation on religious freedoms, a painting by the artists who were members of St Luke’s Brotherhood (photo: MHP)
Concept of the exhibition
Robert Kostro
Director of the Polish History Museum in Warsaw


Monika Matwiejczuk, Konrad Morawski, Konrad Pyzel, Rafał Waszczuk, Monika Żebrowska

Textual content
Piotr Gucwa, Robert Kostro, Monika Matwiejczuk, Konrad Morawski, Krzysztof Niewiadomski, Konrad Pyzel, Rafał Waszczuk, Monika Żebrowska

Specialist content proofreading
Robert Kostro

Exhibition design
WWAA: Małgorzata Bylica, Krzysztof Jakubów, Alina Markovska, Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Marta Szadokierska, Dorota Wilczyńska

Graphic designs
Maciej Chodziński, Katarzyna Łygońska

Paweł Przybył

Exhibition coordination
Agnieszka Celeda, Aleksandra Rodziewicz

Conservation coordination
Aleksandra Wróbel

Proofreading of Polish-language textual content
Miłosz Niewierowicz

Translation and editing of English version
Stuart Dowell, Anna Kalinowska

Interviews for the exhibition
Urszula Urzędowska

Cooperation in organising the exhibition
Justyna Hanula, Joanna Kilian-Sztama, Kinga Klimkiewicz, Piotr Kołaciński, Wojciech Komorowski, Katarzyna Minchberg, Anna Piekarska, Michał Pietranik, Ewa Proniewicka, Adam Rębacz, Grzegorz Rogowski, Gabriela Sierocińska-Dec, Anna Smolińska, Agnieszka Sowińska, Piotr Tomczyk, Mariusz Walczak, Łukasz Wojciechowski, Albina Zięba

Co-financed by The Ministry Of Culture And National Heritage

Media Patrons
Telewizja Polska, Polskie Radio, Portal

Collection of the Polish History Museum, Victoria-Victoria sculpture, aut. K. Bednarski (photo: MHP)

Polish history in a nutshell

Some of the objects returned to Poland from abroad – most of them as a result of the dramatic events of the Second World War. Others rested for years in the ground or under water and then were excavated during archaeological works. All are now accessible to the public, some for the first time after many years.

We also draw the visitor’s attention to the events that shape our present. By asking questions about what is important to us here and now, we wonder how future generations will remember it and what the objects we show in the exhibition will tell them. For history is a never-ending process – just like the building of our collection.


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