The Mieroszewski Scholarship Programme "Research in Poland"

The Mieroszewski Scholarship Programme “Research in Poland” provides financial support to foreigners engaged in scientific research activities related to the history, political situation, culture and heritage of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe.

Research activities in these areas are an important pillar of contemporary knowledge and cultural identity formation. Developing research in these areas contributes to an enriched global perspective and understanding of historical and cultural interdependencies.

Historical research allows to look back in time and understand the roots of the events that shaped the course of Central and Eastern European history. Learning about the past helps to better understand contemporary challenges and conflicts, and to learn from the experiences of previous generations. In turn, the study of the political situation of the region provides an in-depth understanding of the political, institutional and social changes that have taken place in Central and Eastern Europe. Such analyses are useful in forecasting future developments and formulating effective strategies for stability and cooperation.

The cultural heritage of Central and Eastern Europe is rich and diverse, reflecting centuries of coexistence between different peoples and traditions. Cultural research makes it possible to preserve, document and revive unique aspects of culture, contributing to building intercultural ties. The Mieroszewski Scholarship Programme “Research in Poland” can certainly contribute to the dialogue between different social groups of Central and Eastern European countries.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 3 September 2023.


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