Stanisława De Karłowska. A talk in the series "reframed" featuring Polish female artists

Although unknown in her own country, the Polish-born artist Stanisława de Karłowska, has works in over twenty public galleries in the United Kingdom. The Tate Gallery, alone, owns three.

Stanisława de Karłowska in the painting by her husband, Robert Bevan, 1924.

She and her English husband, Robert Bevan, were at the centre of a group of English Post-Impressionist artists in early twentieth century London. The last occasion that a large group of her paintings was seen was in a joint Bevan/Karłowska exhibition held by the Anglo-Polish Society, at the Sikorski Institute in 1968. It is time to revisit her work.

Patrick will talk about her Polish family and origins, her training and her life. He will also show the effect that she had on her husband’s work and on that of their contemporaries.

Patrick Baty is the great grandson of the artists Stanisława de Karłowska and her husband Robert Polhill Bevan.

Patrick has acted as a consultant on many major restoration projects in the United Kingdom, and in the 1980s he produced a range of paint colours based on those offered by a Scottish house-painter in 1807, which initiated the present wave of historically-themed paint ranges which are still seen today. In April 2000, Homes & Gardens described him as being “Undoubtedly the most influential of our (paint) experts…whose breadth and depth of knowledge is unrivalled”.

He lectures often on the general subject of paint and colour of the 18th and 19th centuries. He has numerous published works and he has also contributed to and edited various other books on the subject of paint and colour, Robert Bevan and also on The Artists Rifles.

The event will take place on 22 April 2022 at 7:30 PM.


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