History as an Instrument of Contemporary International Conflicts

Pedagogical University of Cracow, in cooperation with Research Centre Global Dynamics (ReCentGlobe), University of Leipzig, Institute of European Network Remembrance and the Solidarity in Warsaw and Paweł Włodkowic Institute in Wrocław, invites you to the 2nd International Scientific Conference: History as an Instrument of Contemporary International Conflicts.


Palestine refugees (British Mandate of Palestine – 1948)

The problem of the influence of history on contemporary international politics is a demanding field of research, which as a necessary condition requires broad interdisciplinary studies engaging a large international research team. Historical resentments, memory of past injuries or successes could be elements of identity, and as a consequence also of a political narrative of a particular society. The aim of the project is an analysis of historical phenomena regarding history itself being treated as a subject or an instrument of contemporary disputes and conflicts between states and nations.

The task requires setting up an interdisciplinary research team in order to implement such a broad research project. The team should consist of specialists in the fields of history, political science, international relations, sociology, psychology, social anthropology, media studies, of those with a knowledge of systems of education and school textbooks, and of specialists in WWW-based communication analysis in the domain of the social sciences. The results of the project will be presented within a multivolume edition including volumes on disputes and conflicts between states and nations regarding history in particular parts of the world, as well as in a volume on the outcomes of the comparative analyses of discussed conflicts including recommendations referring to conflict prevention and conflict solution in the presented context.

First edition of the conference and publication opportunities

The first edition of the conference took place in October 2018 at the Institute of Political Science, Pedagogical University in Cracow. The event aroused great interest in academic society. The conference was attended by researchers from 14 countries, including Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and United States. The high-quality conference papers were proposed for publication by world-renowned Routledge Publishing House, with a planned 2021 release of the entirety of the conference proceedings. The second edition of the conference will likewise be released by a renowned scientific publishing house in November 2021. The proceedings will be sent to the Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index and to the Scopus database for evaluation. 

How to participate?

We warmly invite all researchers and scientists. We do not charge a conference fee. The conference organizers will provide accommodation and catering as well as the opportunity to participate in activities connected with the conference. We are fully prepared to shift all sections to an electronic venue should personal mobility or the gathering of persons be subject to restrictions in the fall of 2021. In such case, the conference will be held via e-sessions and accepted texts will be published regardless of the pandemic situation.

The event will held on 8-10 November 2021.


More information: https://historyconflicts.up.krakow.pl/
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