Doomed to repeat? Challenges of teaching 20th-century history

The Pilecki Institute invites school teachers and educators working at museums and memorial sites, as well as everyone working with young people in historical education, to an international congress devoted to the most important challenges in teaching 20th-century history.

Victims of totalitarianism – forcibly imprisoned in a German camp, 1933,

Teaching the dramatic history of the 20th century – both in school and out-of-school education – requires the transfer of knowledge on very complex issues in an accessible way.

Working with young people to discuss topics related to the nature of totalitarian regimes and the issue of mass atrocities requires a good understanding of the latest historiography, and at the same time the ability to consider the sensitivity of a young audience. It also entails entering into ethical, sociological, and politico-scientific considerations. Therefore, good historical education requires a deeply interdisciplinary and multi-faceted approach.

The congress will be an opportunity to confront various perspectives and methodological approaches, as well as to exchange experiences with historical education practitioners from many countries. Academics, teachers, and representatives of institutions and non-governmental organizations active in the field of memory have been invited to participate in discussion panels. The following issues will be discussed:

  • Multiperspectivity – national and transnational approaches to the past;
  • Differences in teaching communism between the countries of the West and the countries of the former Eastern bloc;
  • History as a propaganda tool in light of Russia’s attack on Ukraine;
  • The role of historical education in the processes of reconciliation between nations;
  • Teaching the history of totalitarian regimes as a civic education tool.

Participation in the congress is free of charge after prior registration. Application forms will be accepted until 24 July 2022.

The number of places is limited, on a first come first serve basis. Interested participants may receive a certificate confirming participation in the congress.

Questions may be addressed to:

The event will take place on 2-3 August 2022.


Registration link:


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