CALL FOR PAPERS: The Stance of the Polish Intelligentsia Towards the Totalitarian Regimes

The Pilecki Institute’s Center for Totalitarian Studies invites you to participate in the international scholarly conference, which will take place on 9–10 November 2022. The deadline for applications is 30 June! From the first days of the Second World War, the Polish intelligentsia was subjected to a brutal campaign of planned extermination perpetrated by the…

“Major General Stanisław Sosabowski” by Prof. Hal Sosabowski

Major General Stanisław Sosabowski became one of the most senior Polish commanders during the Second World War. By September 1939 he was commanding 21st Infantry Regiment in the Battle of Warsaw against overwhelming German forces. In 1941 he formed the First Polish Independent Parachute Brigade which he trained and commanded for the next three years….

The Anders Army: Service and Legacy

The Polish II Corps, which fought under British command in the Italian Campaign of 1943-45, is best remembered for its heroic capture of the abbey of Monte Cassino. But less known are the details of its formation under General Władysław Anders in Russia, from exiles and convicts of the Gulag, and of its amazing journey…

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