Polish Mythology: All About Gods, Goddess and Creatures in Folklore

book edited by Trident Books

Experience the thrill of exploring the fantastic realm of Polish mythology, where gods and goddesses rule and fantastic beasts wander.

Krak Mound in Kraków. In pre-Christian times, there was an oak up to 300 years old on its summit, and the place probably played a sacred role (photo: CC BY-SA 3.0; WiWok)

This book is your complete guide to the rich and intriguing folklore of Poland, covering everything from Polish mythology where you learn about the complicated relationships between the creatures and humans, as well as the epic conflicts between good and evil.

Learn the significance of the sacred rituals and traditions that are still followed today, and discover the truth behind the myths that explain how the world and its inhabitants came to be.If you want to learn more about the magical world of Slavic mythology, “Polish Mythology” is a book you can’t afford to miss. This book will captivate anyone with an interest in mythology or in the ancient tales that have influenced Polish culture.

Source: http://bitly.pl/PbpyY