Blood on the pavement. Grodno 1939

83st anniversary of the Soviet aggression against Poland

On 17 September 1939, the Soviets attacked Poland and reached Grodno on September 20.

Grodno, a city in pre-war, eastern Poland (now in Belarus) fought for three days in September 1939 with the Soviet army. Seeing no chance for further defense, on 22 September the Polish forces withdrew towards the Lithuanian border. Several hundred Polish defenders of the city were murdered by the Soviets after the battle.

On this occasion, the Joachim Lelewel Foundation created the film “Blood on the pavement. Grodno 1939”, about the defense of Grodno against the Soviets in 1939. We invite you to watch!

Voice-over – John Beauchamp, realization – Kamil Śliwka / NOX Studio.