The Union of Lublin
the origins of republican political space

The nature of mutual relations – what each of the sides share and what will remain separate – must be defined and stated in a legal act of union combining two states. It would be a mistake, however, to see such a union of two political organisms simply in the light of treaties and negotiated...

Different than all others - part II
The political system of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against the background of Europe

As Urszula Augustyniak pointed out, a series of misunderstandings arose about the political system of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.1 As a rule, it was a variant of state monarchy, hence researchers (e.g. the aforementioned Juliusz Bardach) used to refer to the legal form of the Commonwealth as noblemen’s democracy or the noblemen’s republic. Both terms —...

Stanisław Szukalski
a disturbing figure

Stanisław Szukalski’s career was not an easy one, and the history of his popularity is even stranger. From fame to infamy, and then to finally regaining recognition as one of the most interesting Polish artists of the twentieth century. Even a few years ago, Stach from Warta (Szukalski’s pseudonym) was known only to a small...

The Political Discourse of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: Concepts and Ideas
book by Anna Grześkowiak-Krwawicz

There are many eminent specialists among the Polish researchers of the political thought of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In recent times, many works have arisen which allow for a new perspective on the achievements of the Commonwealth. Of the important works that should be mentioned, among others, Ład Rzeczpospolitej (The Order of Respublica) by Dorota Petrzyk-Reeves,...

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Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski: Polish liberty was exceptional

1 July 2019
Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski: Polish liberty was exceptional


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