Lwów is a city with a rebellious nature
An interview with Dr. Damian Markowski

Multi-nationality is an integral part of the landscape of Central and Eastern Europe. I really wished to avoid writing a one-dimensional book based on one narrative, even if it coincided with the way my compatriots would like to see the events of 1918 in Lwów, says Damian Markowski, the author of the book about Polish-Ukrainian...

To this day, strong memories remain in the Netherlands about General Maczek and his men
An interview with Dr. Łukasz Wolak

The fate of Stanisław Maczek and his soldiers was a bitter one. The only places where for decades, memory strongly survived about Maczek and his men, were Belgium and the Netherlands. Why? Read our review with Dr. Łukasz Wolak! Polishhistory: Stanisław Maczek seems to be one of the most famous and most highly respected Poles...

20th General Congress of Polish Historians: Good questions will always awaken the intellect
An interview with Professor Jan Pomorski

An interview with Professor Jan Pomorski, historian, professor of humanities and the chairman of the Organizing Committe of the 20th Jubilee General Congress of Polish Historians.   The 20th Jubilee General Congress of Polish Historians is over. As the chairman of the Organizing Committee, are you satisfied with the results? Do you feel that you...

The Establishment of the Bar Confederation
An interview with Dorota Dukwicz

Ewa Zientara: Why was the Bar Confederation formed? Dorota Dukwicz: This question is only seemingly easy. In 1767 the Radom Confederates hoped that Russia would help them depose the hated King Stanisław II Augustus and move away the spectre of the demands made by the non-Catholic nobility, that is, dissenters, or dissidents, as they were...

General Stanisław Maczek and the Black Devils
75th anniversary of the liberation of Breda

Generał Stanisław Maczek has gone down in history as a brilliant army general. The Germans called his army the Black Devils. He himself often said that „the polish soldier fights for the freedom of all nations, but dies only for Poland”. Stanisław Maczek was born on the 31st of March 1892 to a polish intelligentsia...

Welcome: this is where international meetings take place
An interview with Director Robert Kostro of the Polish History Museum

The idea of creating the web portal polishhistory has been part of the Polish History Museum and was established to create a broader view of the museum. Why is a website like polishhistory so needed? Robert Kostro: I believe that we are participating today – and this is a global phenomenon – in many important...

Muzealizacja komunizmu w Polsce i Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej (Musealisation of Communism in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe)
review of the book by Anna Ziębińska-Witek

The main goal of a historical exhibition is not to represent the truth about the past, but to promote a particular, desired vision of it. This statement is one of the core hypotheses of a new book by Anna Ziębińska-Witek. It is also the point of departure for a thought-provoking study on the identity-building process...

Polish History Museum's replica of the Union of Lublin Act to be exhibited in Belarus
450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin

On 23 October, an exhibition titled “Free with the Free and Equal with the Equal” opened at the National Historical Museum in Minsk as part of the observance of the 450th anniversary of the signing of the Union of Lublin.   Viewing the exhibition, the visitors will be given an opportunity to see one of...

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Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski: Polish liberty was exceptional

1 July 2019
Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski: Polish liberty was exceptional



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